tag: photography

Using EXIF data to pick my next lens

24 Nov, 2023 - 2 minutes
A neat feature of almost every modern digital camera is that every single photo you take includes detailed metadata, including all of the photo’s settings including shutter speed, aperture, sensitivity, and focal length. The focal length, or simply the “zoomness” of your photo is of particular interest. All of the other settings are very easy to change by adjusting a dial (or using some annoying menus), but this one can only really be adjusted in a large way by changing lenses.

Converting and developing RAW photos on Linux automatically

28 Oct, 2023 - 2 minutes
Taking photos is fun and easy. Just kidding, it’s a fractal of complexity, FOMO, and slowly realizing how little you actually know. However, one nice thing is that using some simple Unix/Linux tools, it’s remarkably easy to mass produce good looking JPEG images from your raw photos, without having to actually learn Lightroom. After a few days of fiddling with the settings, I’ve come up with this bash script to process my images: