Fanshawe College

Computer Systems Technology adavanced diploma (2015-2018) Presidents List - 4.0+ Cumulative GPA


Sensory Technologies - Sysadmin & Tier II Support

Early 2019 to the present

Healthcare industry startup. Linux administration, automation, configuration management. Supporting a widespread and diverse system.

Big Blue Bubble - IT Specialist

Co-op: Sep-Dec 2017, May-Aug 2018

Server and network administration, system upgrades, user support. Advanced janitorial duties to sysadmin and everything in between.

Nokee Kwe - IS Systems Support

Co-op: Dec 2016 to March 2017

User support, system maintenance, and network design & implementation in a very dynamic non-profit environment.

Blackcreek Technologies

Co-op: Jan-June 2015

Full Time: July-Aug 2015, May-Aug 2016

Computer repair shop, on site visits, documentation.

Network/Wireless install at multiple sites.

At-Home Learning

I like to test and experiment on my own time. My own system consists of Hyper-V Server, FreeNAS ZFS SAN, virtual networking, and several Debian Linux, Windows Server 2016, and Docker instances.

I also run many testing environments on my mobile workstation, in the past this has included testing storage replication, a virtual Ceph cluster, complicated GNS3 virtual networks, and dipping my toes in System Center (configmgr and virtual machine manager)

For privacy reasons, I don’t post my resume publicly. If you’re interested, feel free to send me an email!